Officina brings to the US market the new, innovative, and secure Korus Doors, featuring pivot and in-swing mechanisms.

Korus’ residential entry doors are built and then tested for water resistance, air-infiltration, design pressure, thermal performance, noise reduction and forced-entry resistance.

Without compromising the strength and performance of the door, Korus Doors offer an extraordinary selection of styles, size, features and finishes to complement and enhance your home’s architecture and design.

Designed to deliver the highest thermic performance and degree of security, Korus Doors are modern and contemporary entry doors that give an unmatched combination of craftsmanship, energy efficiency, durability, and affordability.

They feature thermal-break technology with a continuous bar made of profile extruded in aluminum EN AW6060 alloy of the best quality. The doors have a 3 5/16-inch frame and a 3 55/64-inch leaf. Furthermore, the customer can decide the door’s internal panel material, which can be either wood or aluminum.


Endurance To Break-In Attempts
Thermal Transmittance
Wind Resistance
Air Permeability
Noise Reduction