About Us

Established in Miami, Florida, in 2016, Officina Inc. is the sole distributor of Korus aluminum and aluminum-wood products in North America.

Korus is a leading Italian manufacturer of windows, doors, and shutters made of aluminum, aluminum-wood, PVC, and PVC-aluminum. A family-run business with nearly two decades of experience, Korus combines old world craftsmanship with new world technology to deliver customized, high-quality, and innovative solutions.

Korus operates from its headquarters in Rome and from a 400,000 square meter state of the art factory in Sabaudia (Central Italy), supplying high quality windows and doors to A&D professionals, general contractors, builders, dealers, and homeowners across Europe and North America. Every window, door, and shutter goes through a rigorous manufacturing process, with only the very best leaving the Korus factory.

For the U.S. market, Korus products are produced and assembled in Italy, and distributed through a network of certified dealers with whom Officina has built a strong relationship, based on a mutual dedication to quality, service, and innovation.

Our Mission

To design, manufacture and distribute premium and custom residential windows, doors and shutters for high-end clients who want high-performance, cost-effective and energy-efficient products that meet the stringent NOA criteria.